Old Hillbilly Women Getting Fucked and Our 99 Other Favorite Search Terms From You Perverts Out There

We see you!

Old hillbilly women getting fucked. Thanksgiving sex videos. Satanic lesbians.

*clutches pearls* What exactly are you sickos…ahem…you dearest Filthy Dreams readers searching for late at night, bleary-eyed and blackout drunk?

Over our eight years, we here at Filthy Dreams have never been all that interested in gunning for clickbait popularity. We don’t want everyone to like us, just the right people! And by that, we mean people with severe emotional problems! Confirming that we’re doing everything wrong…I mean, right!, one of our favorite pastimes is reading down the list of search terms that led you, faithful filthy denizens, to our humble home on the Internet like breadcrumbs of depravity. If presumed soon-to-be NYC Mayor Eric Adams can call himself the Pied Piper, we can be the Pied Pipers of Filth!

Of course, looking down this list of alarming phrases sent to our Google overlords, we can’t help but be heartened that perverts still exist! We see you! It’s an especially hard time for deviants with even the left becoming sanctimonious finger-wagging party-poopers akin to the family values morality of 20th-century conservatives. Heck, even the ancient god Jupiter is referenced as a “serial abuser” in a recent laughable New York Times article that questions the ethics of 16th Century painter Titian. Deplatform Zeus!

To celebrate all you lovely and lurid degenerates out there, we don’t want to keep this startling search term pleasure to ourselves. Why should we be the only ones questioning ourselves and what we’ve created? YOU should have to look in the mirror too. Why should we have all the fun?

So enjoy a list of our 100 favorite search terms, in vaguely chronological order, with the links to the articles included if we could figure out what the hell you were looking for:

  1. homo-erotic nihilism genre
  2. cinematic porn
  3. queer nihilism
  4. pictures of girls in bathroom smoking
  5. pretty sick boys
  6. decadent lesbian nymphos
  7. film filthy family
  8. best porn ever
  9. satanic lesbians
  10. Was Elvis Presley gay?
  11. What’s with all the penises at the Whitney Museum?
  12. pornographic gay wall art
  13. erotic gay art
  14. hyper leather men gay porn
  15. gay sex illustration pics
  16. hustler retro porno
  17. very filthy gay internet video
  18. queer theory is bullshit
  19. filthy gay websites
  20. sleazy NYC photographers
  21. transgression blowjob
  22. selfies of Gold Coast muscle guys sucking cock
  23. whisper sex gossip of 1950s
  24. I got a blow job while hitchhiking
  25. privilege theory is divisive bullshit
  26. faghag is such an ugly word
  27. fuck it i love you (Note: This was in 2014, years before Lana Del Rey would release the song on Norman Fucking Rockwell!. Lana, is that you?!)
  28. doing headstands while naked showing pussy hole
  29. scholarly definitions of macrame
  30. filthy fetish galleries
  31. male corpses naked
  32. thanksgiving sex videos
  33. did Tennessee Williams fans like that he was a drunk?
  34. old white lady painters at the Whitney biennial
  35. gay sleaze
  36. artwork of cartoon gay Santa Clauses
  37. uncanny horror
  38. vacation sex films
  39. dreams of pornographic models
  40. babes behind bars
  41. cruising at gay truck stops
  42. were Warhol and Halston gay?
  43. what is a fag hag
  44. tube sock titties
  45. why queer theory is crap
  46. shit or a fart 
  47. garbage stuffed toy
  48. decadent Elvis
  49. filthy mamas
  50. gay furries moaning and groaning
  51. Ivanka Trump feet sucking
  52. plastic surgery to look like Amanda Lepore
  53. the divine childhood home of John Waters
  54. Trump is campy
  55. she’s the beavertail titties she put them in the air
  56. in defense of kitsch
  57. Kellyanne Conway is a fucking liar
  58. wood paneling middle America trailer trash
  59. Times Square is filthy
  60. girl takes a shit scene in horror movie. What movie is it from?
  61. girl poop scene
  62. what does Jackie Shane mean in referring to her chicken?
  63. pentecostal white trash
  64. woman pooping scene
  65. Marianne Williamson drunk aunt
  66. Marianne Williamson has her shit together
  67. pants pooping scenes in movies
  68. who is the White House intern who grabbed the microphone?
  69. Ivanka Trump stinky feets
  70. Milo Yiannopoulos butt injection
  71. Pittsburgh gay clubs are terrible
  72. Mary Boone is not done
  73. sleazing dream
  74. corn pops Azealia Banks
  75. lady diarrhea in garbage bin
  76. America is doomed
  77. why does Trump mob sing YMCA?
  78. Des Esseintes preferred drink
  79. furry fandom-related beers
  80. woman spraying sky chemtrails
  81. how much did the micropenis guy get paid on Euphoria?
  82. why has Trump chosen YMCA?
  83. why is the color yellow so fucking ugly?
  84. dance with me on the ashes of the American dream
  85. Trump is a fucking liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  86. John Waters rimming
  87. is Geppetto gay?
  88. John Waters’ spiritual guidance. Is he “genuine”?
  89. white trash shaman
  90. low-class Trump
  91. gross holiday food
  92. Madonna looks ridiculous
  93. Donald Trump king of white trash
  94. vinegar chemtrail lady
  95. old hillbilly women getting fucked
  96. white trash guy nuts
  97. how I shit myself at the bus stop
  98. gay pride dildo suit
  99. Nikocado Avocado getting railed


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