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Ivanka Trump, Get Your Feet Off The Art!: A Meme Response

Last night, presidential prodigal daughter Ivanka Trump posted a tweet that shook the art world to its core, forcing arts lovers to see dots and clutch their collective pearls. “Discovering new spots in D.C.,” Ivanka enthusiastically tweeted with a photograph of herself perched like a princess on seminal artist Yayoi Kusama‘s installation Obliteration Room at the Hirshhorn Museum’s insanely popular Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors retrospective.

And I bet she didn’t even have to buy a timed ticket!

While I know this immediately raised my blood pressure, the art world can’t get too mad considering sucking up to rich, clueless and rude white ladies is what drives the art business. I know, I worked at a gallery and my residual PTSD won’t let me forget it. Don’t get mad at Ivanka, get mad at yourselves.

However, Ivanka, dearest, get your stupid feet off the furniture. What is it with the Trumps and his minions like our favorite Kellyanne Conway rubbing their stinky, dirty feet all over the place? I mean, we know you’re trash but don’t confirm it!

And to be fair, I barely even liked this installation when I saw it at David Zwirner Gallery in 2015. It seemed more like a playground than an art installation to me. Actually, our intrepid contributor Osman and I got caught in the background a segment by NY1 clearly rolling our eyes, laughing and generally being judgmental assholes in the installation. I don’t regret it. It isn’t exactly Kusama’s transcendent best.

But, Ivanka’s royal heinie sitting on Kusama’s work adds a new level of meaning to the piece, which covers a white idealized domestic scene into a sea of technicolor dots and spots. By sitting her prim, white ass on the furniture, Ivanka, creepily, reasserts her idealized whiteness in this colorful space. Blech.

So how do we, denizens of art, respond? Well, in the only way I know how, through memes of course! So I’ve put a few together and you, dearest Filthy Dreams readers, are welcome to make more. You may recognize some of the quotes here from Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison. Why are they now associated with Ivanka the complicit? Because, of course, she culled statements from literary giants like Toni Morrison’s gut-wrenching novel Beloved to talk about writing emails in her recently published Women Who Work. What a powerhouse!

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  1. You shouldn’t even think of saying anything to mistress ivanka trump, Your whole life is not worth the dust that might be sticking at the bottom of her sacred heels . It would have been better if that piece of art was not a piece of art but your face

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