Filthy Dreams is a website that analyzes art, culture and politics with a touch of camp. Filthy Dreams is a project supported by the Creative Capital | Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program.

Originally conceived of as a boozy confetti-filled New York nightclub with the same acts appearing again and again to rousing applause, the founders lowered their goals and expectations to providing commentary and analysis using the same decadent, trashy filter.  In short, we wake up every morning asking ourselves “What Would John Waters Do?” (WWJWD).

Meet Your Faithful Co-founders!

Emily Colucci is Filthy Dreams’ co-founder, freelance art writer and curator. Writing for print magazines, online venues and exhibition catalogues, Emily has contributed to them., VICE Magazine, POZ Magazine, ArtVoices Magazine, Salon, LA Review of Books, Art Papers Magazine, Art F City, Ms Magazine Blog, Hi-Fructose Magazine, Malibu Magazine, Frontrunner Magazine, CRUSH Fanzine, New York Magazine’s Bedford and Bowery, WhiteWall Magazine, among others.

In addition, she recently curated Idol Worshipa group exhibition celebrating of role model adoration as a survival strategy at Smack Mellon. In 2017, she curated a group exhibition Night Fever at Pittsburgh’s Future Tenant on disco and its aesthetic legacy. She also co-curated Visual AIDS’s annual exhibition Party Out Of Bounds: Nightlife As Activism Since 1980 at LaMaMa Galleria, as well as its satellite installation Courtship Disorder by John Walter in London’s White Cubicle Toilet Gallery at the late George & Dragon Pub.

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Matthew Marion Gray is the pen name of Matthew Annis. Marion is the name of his Great-Great-Great Grandfather, known as Big Daddy, who survived generation after generation in reverence as a Times-Picayune writer, critic, and role model. After his fortune was squandered by his descendants, all that remains now are yellowed pictures and gossip. Enter Marion.

Founding Filthy Dreams to be able to take a deeper look into literature, film, and culture using queer theory, Marion is interested in exploring more about genealogies of Aestheticism, Decadence, Surrealism, Kitsch, and Trash. Like Emily, Marion is interested in all things John Waters, David Lynch, Dennis Cooper, and Tennessee Williams. Marion and Emily are Dionysus and Apollo. Together, they call for nothing less than a Camp revaluation of all values.

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  1. I just found this blog today and loved reading some articles here. Will be checking frequently. Im a struggling artist myself and the stuff that I found here are so helpful to me. Thanks

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