Filthy Dreams’s Red Planet Mars HALLOWREEN Playlist

Take us to your Bloody Marys!

Why hello, dearest Filthy Dreams readers! *low hum* What’s that?!!! Up there in the sky! It’s a bird, It’s a plane, it’s a disco ball…NO it’s a UFO! Take us, we’re ready! Ready for HALLOWREEN that is!

Even though it’s still hotter than two hamsters farting in a wool sock out there, we’re officially in fall. I can already feel that chill in the air or maybe that’s just the cold metal probe in this space ship. Whew-that tickles! Anyway, if you’ve been following along, faithful Filthy Dreams readers, you know what fall means…it’s time for our annual HALLOWREEN playlist. Can you believe this is our fifth one? Phew, me neither. It’s almost like we’ve been abducted–abducted by Halloween mania.

This HALLOWREEN, we decided to take our theme to the Red Planet Mars, riding that UFO to intergalactic disco, space age rockabilly and of course, a sprinkle of abject screaming. It’s the perfect soundtrack to your alien welcoming party. I just hope those space invaders from Mars remembered to bring the ice!

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