Filthy Dreams’ HALLOWREEN 3-D Playlist

Tim Curry learns anatomy

Tim Curry learns anatomy

Muahahahahahahahaaaa *spooky door creak* Weeeeeeelcoooooome, dear Filthy Dreams playlist listeners, to our third annual installment of our Hallowreen playlist. Sure, it’s still September and Halloween is more than a month away, but I saw some people on the street carrying carved Jack O’Lanterns so screw it…close enough.

This year, our Filthy Dreams Hallowreen playlist comes to you in 3-D! So put on those giant hipster-looking glasses you stole from Jurassic World in IMAX and enjoy! Of course, there’s no difference but if you squint a little and have some of our superb and spooky World Famous Pumpkin Punch, the realism will send you spinning. Or maybe it’s just the punch.

You’ll also notice our playlist only clocks in at over 2 hours. With time, we’re grudgingly learning restraint. But no worries, we’ve packed this playlist full of the kitschiest, campiest, most mortifying songs to scare you silly!

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