Filthy Dreams’ 4th Annual HALLOWREEN Four-Play Playlist

Tim knows that Halloween has our hearts

Tim knows that Halloween has our hearts

Why hello there! Brrrrrr….don’t you feel that spooky chill in the air, dearest fearsome Filthy Dreams readers! Well, I know I do–it just gets me in the mood for our World Famous Pumpkin Punch. Grab a glass–Anyone want more nutmeg garnish in your punch?

Once we start to feel that cool, crisp autumn breeze here at Filthy Dreams, it starts. What you ask? Oh, just a little touch of Halloween madness. Better get ready to gather around and decorate the Halloween tree. What’s that? YOU DON’T HAVE ONE? Well better find one soon, Mary, because we’ve got ghosts and skeleton ornaments to hang.

And what better soundtrack to decorate to than our 4th Annual Filthy Dreams HALLOWREEN Four-Play Playlist. That’s right! 4 times the camp, 4 times the seduction, 4 times the foreplay and 4 times the HALLOWREEN!!! [Have we really made four of these playlists? Apparently (1, 2, 3).]

Yes, we known it’s only September 25 but aren’t you ready? Well, then put it on! It’ll be a SCREAM!


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