Filthy Dreams’ Candy Cane Lane Playlist

Even Reagan can't deny Christmas mania

Even Ronnie can’t deny Christmas mania

Ho Ho HO-OOH MY GOD! Quick, dearest Filthy Dreams readers! We have no time for formalities, it’s time for some panic-driven, wild-eyed Black Friday shopping! Where do we start first? Macy’s? The mall? Donald Trump’s online store with $149 Make America Great Again Christmas ornaments? Where…WHERE?

It’s time for holiday hysterics again and there’s no better way to fling yourself with abandon into complete Christmas chaos than with our annual Filthy Dreams Xmas playlist. Sure, last year was hard to top with a holy mixture of country and chamber music. That was a real crowd-pleaser at your family dinners, I’m sure.

Well, this year just in time for Black Friday, we decided to take a step closer to insanity with our Filthy Dreams Candy Cane Lane Playlist. With a heavy dose of Christmas instrumentals, it sounds just like you’re celebrating Christmas in a mall, an elevator or an airport. It feels like the soundtrack to Santa’s psychotic break.

And since we couldn’t just leave it with Christmas elevator music, we’ve sprinkled more than a bit of disco in there for good measure. Why? Don’t ask us why! It’s Christmas!

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