Mary Christmas! Presenting Our Completely Unhinged Xmas Playlist


At long last, our favorite time of the year is here ! We here at Filthy Dreams become completely unhinged for the Holidays: whether we’re busy decorating from floor to ceiling with tinsel and string lights or we’re scrutinizing our list of loved ones to determine whether they’ve really been naughty or nice, the Holidays are the time of the year where we burst with Joy!

Consider this playlist a love letter to Santa. We begin by recognizing that Santa isn’t just a jolly fat man watching over us; he has needs too! Then, we analyze Santa from all angles, from Soulsville to the Cajun bayou, and we understand that Santa means so much to so many. Finally, we lay it all bare for Santa. Ho! Ho! Ho! Is it really Santa who’s driving us to all this Holiday madness? Perhaps it’s the sleigh bells: every time they start ringing, it’s hard not to drop everything to sing “Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’.”

So grab yourself a Moistini (or two) and jingle those bells!

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