Filthy Dreams’ Holy Ho-Ho-Ho-Down Xmas Playlist

Holy Holy Holy Lord, Elvis in the Highest

Holy Holy Holy Lord, Elvis in the Highest

Ho…Ho…Ho…YEE HAW! Merry Christmas, Mary! Oh come in all ye faithful and warm yourself up with a little nip of nog. What’s that? Did we make a new playlist this year? Why I thought you’d never ask!

I know last year we slacked and relied on the strength of our original Xmas playlist but this year, Marion and I put our heads together to make a playlist that horrifies even us–our Holy Ho-Ho-Ho-down Xmas Playlist.

Yes, that’s right…we’ve combined the glory of redneck, white trash country Christmas tunes with solemn chamber music. Who knew organs and twangy guitars could pair so well just like chestnuts and an open fire, eggnog and nutmeg, Santa Claus and wantin some lovin’…*Ahem*

As you can see the holiday spirit has taken me, who wouldn’t be swept up into Christmas cheer after listening to Johnny Cash’s version of “Little Drummer Boy”? Hallelujah!

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