Rest Is Resistance: Filthy Dreams’ Most-Read Essays of 2022

The black box of context (photo by moi)

Uh…shhhh…hello there, dearest Filthy Dreams readers! Are you as hungover as we are? Are you dry-heaving into those empty present boxes still littered below the Christmas tree from all the gallons of egg nog on Christmas Day and the Day after Christmas Day Holiday? Who isn’t?! Everyone knows what Christmas is about–no, not the birth of Christ, it’s about EXCESS! But the Christmas comedown is a doozy.

But, luckily we now have an answer for anyone who accuses us of being slothful and slovenly on this day-after-day-after Christmas holiday: we’re resting because, as trauma therapist Ginger Klee, MS, LMFT, LPCC, wrote in her Emotional Preparedness Statement to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston’s Philip Guston Now exhibition: “Rest is resistance!” The perfect excuse! We’re not being lazy–We’re being RADICAL! We bring up Ginger because her contribution to the baffling and infantilizing Philip Guston exhibition was just part of why it was our most-read essay of the year. Who could resist gawking at those black boxes of context?! Don’t YOU want to know what’s inside?

Granted, we should be honest. Our Guston review wasn’t actually our most-read article of the year. It was our most-read essay that was published in 2022. The two most-read are still thanks to people who are searching for micro-penis porn from Euphoria and, of course, our lodestar and the filthiest person alive, Nikocado Avocado’s OnlyFans page. These essays still garner incredible amounts of views a day that no matter what we publish, it cannot ever compete. Not even multiple essays about Trump Tower’s 45 Wine and Whiskey.

Regardless, we wanted to celebrate the articles we DID publish this year that tickled your fancy. We want to celebrate YOU, dearest Filthy Dreams readers, through celebrating ourselves! Don’t you understand? We’re being humble! Or perhaps, this is a good opportunity to catch up on what you missed while blinking through a hangover haze. It’s never too late! Below is a listing of our top 10 most-read, as of today, with corresponding GIFs for some added sugar and mostly spice:

1. “Philip Guston Now” is an Unintentionally Perfect Satire of Contemporary Liberal Cultural Politics

2. Trump’s New 45 Wine & Whiskey Is the Best Bar for Considering the End of America

3. The Milk of Dreams vs. Nocturnal Emissions: The Intense Pleasures and Contrasts of the 59th Venice Biennale Arte

4. What The Hell Is Going On At Trump Tower?

5. All My Love Forever: Warhol’s Love Stories That Art History Never Knew It Needed in “The Andy Warhol Diaries”

6. Wet Your Lips and Make Love to the Camera: Filthy Dreams’ 59th Venice Biennale Arte Fashion Report

7. It’s More Like Beanie Baby Bankruptcy: A Conversation on “Beanie Mania”

8. Barbara Kruger Is Just Preaching to the Choir

9. What’s So Dangerous About Maia Kobabe’s “Gender Queer”?

10. Joe Rogan Isn’t The Problem

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