Filthy Dreams’ Stealing for Santa Christmas Playlist

Ho, ho, ho!! Mary Christmas, Filthy Freaks! Welcome to the 10th installment of our Christmas music playlist! We have lasted long enough to be elevated to sainthood: St. Em, the Giver, St. Marion the Dreamer, and St. Widgey the Schemer. How did we celebrate? By committing crimes–for Santa–of course! Stick ’em up, Rudolph! We’re guiding this sleigh!

Our crimes for Christmas playlist centers on what might have happened had we commandeered Santa’s sleigh—stealing all the good toys, giving them to bad kids? Sure! Forcing big daddy himself St. Nick to sit in between us while we belt out the lyrics to Laura Branigan’s “Gloria”? Umm, yeah. Stopping by the Corner Pocket in NOLA in between scenes? Oh, yeah! Go-go boys get all the gifts this year!

So, chug as much eggnog as you can without puking, sit back, and enjoy our madcap voyage music playlist! See you next crime!

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