Filthy Dreams’ Black Lodge Elevator Music Playlist

Songs for the Black Lodge

Uh oh…looks like we’ll see you again in 25 years

Why hello there, Filthy Dreams readers! How did you get in here?…oh, through the sycamore trees just like everyone else. Well, come on in! We’ve got some damned fine cups of coffee and enough good cherry pie to go around.  Wait a second! Who invited Bob to this soirée? Some party this is!

In honor of David Lynch’s birthday and our general love for all things Lynchian, we created perhaps our most surreal playlist: Filthy Dreams’ Black Lodge Elevator Music. If you’re going to be stuck in the Black Lodge for 25 years, you might as well have some good tunes. You know the Dream Man will be dancing!

Are you feeling unsettled? Like you might just suddenly end up in the snow in Poland like poor Laura Dern in Inland Empire? Or maybe you just have the irresistible urge to sing Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams” with just a lightbulb and pancake makeup? Me too, Mary, me too, but as the title of the Dirty Beaches song says, “Time Washes Away Everything.”

WARNING: The Filthy Dreams’ Black Lodge Elevator Music may trigger hallucinations of rabbits, Laura Palmer, terrible roadhouse bars, disembodied ears, ladies in radiators, Pabst Blue Ribbon, James’ motorcycle ride to cancellation, Robert Blake and David Lynch making quinoa.

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