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Eat Your Heart Out, Robert Johnson! Filthy Dreams’ Deal With the Devil (or, a poetic invocation)

Invocation Jacket

“He that loves pleasure must for pleasure fall.”                                                                                                                                            -Christopher Marlowe, The Tragedy of Dr. Faustus

Fresh starched cotton shirt buttons to the neck
Where touches of blood and vomit add some zest
To a look that’s sharpened nearly to a wreck
By slicked-back hair and crooked, yellowing
Ironed pants that complement wingtip shoes
That bark! bark! bark! with every step
Squeeze too tightly around a booze-bloated waist
With seams that stretch and stretch until they
We are a living mockery of our own ideals
Someone somewhere far away said best
In a land of decaying identities
In a time of drag-fueled anarchy.
I offer, then, this outfit to you, dear father
To Ridiculousness–no, Trash!–and to
                                                    reject all of the rest.

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