Filthy Dreams Presents: Mama Roux’s Mardi Gras Playlist


Well hello there! Happy Mardi Gras–come and try one of our World Famous hurricanes. Yes, Mary, they’re Category 5. You know what they say, laissez les bons temps roulez, kweens!

While I was planning on writing a more serious article today, my voodoo queen Mama Roux, who sits on my wall protecting me from jealous blogger colleagues and subway riders I accidentally glare at for too long, chided me for not celebrating Mardi Gras on Filthy Dreams. As some of you, dear readers, know, we are New Orleans fanatics here at Filthy Dreams. Some of us are even planning an escape from the chill of NYC to the warmer, more Sazerac friendly New Orleans atmosphere.  Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, The Carousel Bar…what more could you need?

With this unabashed adoration in mind, Mama Roux whipped up some voodoo magic and forced us to create this Mardi Gras playlist. Starting with an ode to the voodoo priestess herself and ending with Dr. John’s terrifying “Zu Zu Manou” (consequently named after Mama Roux’s sister and Marion’s own voodoo doll), this playlist is over 5 hours, which falls in line with one of our favorite and most desperate songs on the list “This Should Go On Forever.” We think so too!

So grab some beads, a to-go daiquiri or four and enjoy!

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