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Filthy Dreams’s GIF Review: Alex Da Corte’s “C-A-T Spells Murder” At Karma

Installation view of Alex Da Corte’s “C-A-T Spells Murder” at Karma (Courtesy of the artist and Karma, New York)

Why hello there, dearest Filthy Dreams readers! Are you ready for another installment of our GIF reviews? This time, we’re looking at Alex Da Corte’s current exhibition C-A-T Spells Murder at Karma. Inspired by R. L. Stine’s novel Cat from his Fear Street series–the older and trashier pulp fiction version of his Goosebump books, C-A-T Spells Murder is like an art-filled haunted house. Da Corte immerses viewers in a neon room with giant cats, lurking eyes, boarded-up windows, suspiciously inviting pies and a video of a terrified Annie Clark, otherwise known as St. Vincent, stroking a one-eyed cat and screaming, while billiard balls roll her face.

All of which makes the exhibition perfect for a GIF review so “read” on:

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