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Filthy Dreams’s GIF Review: Kathe Burkhart’s “From The Liz Taylor Series” At Mary Boone

Kathe Burkhart, Fuck Off: from the Liz Taylor Series (Raintree County), 2015, acrylic and mixed media on canvas (Courtesy the artist and Mary Boone Gallery)

Why hello there, dearest Filthy Dreams readers! And welcome to the newest installment of our GIF review series. This GIF review focuses on Kathe Burkhart’s exhibition From The Liz Taylor Series at the swanky uptown Mary Boone Gallery. Why they even had a pianist in the lobby to make sure you knew it was fancy. With monumental paintings of that Elizabeth Taylor emblazoned with words and phrases like “BLUEBALLS,” “COCK TEASER” and “GET THE FUCK OUT,” Burkhart’s campy series made me want to scream, “Not so fast, Tom Ryan” and cover myself in White Diamonds. It also made me want to express myself solely in GIFs, so “read” on:

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