Filthy Dreams’s Shameful Pride Remixed Playlist

You can’t have just one!

*dances wildly* what? WHAT?!!! OH HELLO THERE, dearest Filthy Dreams readers! Marion and I couldn’t hear you over the pounding musical beat. What are we listening to? Well, our third annual Shameful Pride Playlist, of course!

Naturally, by the time you reach a third annual playlist, things get sort of…ahem…staid. Of course, there’s endless shameful dance tracks to chose from but with 200 or so songs already on our old playlists, what have we missed?! That’s why, this year, we’re mixing it up a bit–REMIXING IT UP! Yes, welcome to Filthy Dreams’s Shameful Pride Remixed Playlist. As if these songs weren’t even excessive enough, we’ve extended the beats, the rhythm and the bad auditory choices. It’s downright aggressive! If this won’t get you grinding your teeth in a drug-induced flashback, then we haven’t done our jobs.

Here, you’ll find remixes of some of our Filthy Dreams favorites and some newcomers as well. I know what you’re thinking, shouldn’t we, at this  honor Pride some other way than a freewheeling descent into DJ-constructed chaos? Well, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate myself. I mean, it’s better than fighting over adding two more stripes on the rainbow flag. Jeez, whats the big deal! Just grab a horrid well cocktail and spin!

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