Filthy Dreams’ Back In The U.S.S.R, Comrades Playlist

I think Trump made this

Why hello there, comrades! Would you like a shot of vodka?! Why? Because I’m getting in the Russian spirit! If Trump and his entire administration are in bed with the Russians, why can’t WE be? Why let him have all the fun! Sure, it might be treasonous, but who doesn’t want to be a little naughty now and again.

So in honor our new (but how new…) Russian-controlled political system, we’re introducing our newest Filthy Dreams playlist: Filthy Dreams’ Back In The U.S.S.R., Comrades Playlist. It’s a dizzying mixture of Soviet references, Russian disco music and some sly references to “Golden Years.”

In truth, other than Trump’s pee-pee parties, FBI investigations and Putin’s frequent shirtlessness, this playlist was inspired by none other than Filthy Dreams’ role model Jayne County’s appearance in Rosa Von Praunheim’s 1983 musical Berlin romp City Of Lost Souls. In the film, the punk idol leaves her job at Burger Queen to snarl and croon about falling in love with a Russian soldier. I mean, who can blame her!

So crack open another bottle of vodka, pour yourself a bowl of borscht, turn on the TV to the latest news of our crumbling American empire and let’s party!

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