Filthy Dreams’ Rebound Sleazy Songs Of Seduction Playlist

Who can resist Valentine's Day?

Divine gets the vapors this V-Day

Why hello, dear lovers…ahem…I mean Filthy Dreams readers! Here–grab some of those dusty candied hearts. Oh, I know they’re stale and the messages are smeared off, but they pair well with our chocolate martinis. They’re always a mistake but who can resist making mistakes on Valentine’s Day! If you aren’t waking up with regret but also with a little love in your heart on February 15, then what is the point?

Anyway to help get you all hot-and-bothered, we’ve created a new Valentine’s Day playlist–our Filthy Dreams’ Rebound Sleazy Songs of Seduction playlist. Adding on to our previous Sleazy Songs of Seduction playlist, it’s guaranteed to put you in the mood.

That is, if you can get past the first Klaus Nomi song or some of the other unhinged and unwell choices we made on our V-Day playlist. But love never came easy, dearest amours, mes petits choux, my Valentines, my dearest of dears. You’ve gotta work for it.

Even if you don’t have a Valentine, why not blast this playlist out your window, on the street, on the subway or in a darkened alley and see who you can catch? Sure they may not be your first pick for a soulmate but you never know, love can be funny!

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