Be Mine, Mary: Filthy Dreams’ Sleazy Songs of Seduction Playlist

True love is real in Pink Flamingos

True love is real in Pink Flamingos

Why hello there! I’m feeling just a little hot and bothered, aren’t you? I don’t think it’s just because I can’t control the temperature in my apartment–it’s because it’s almost Valentine’s Day!

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, we here at Filthy Dreams come to you with the best VD surprise ever (no not that kind of VD surprise!)–Filthy Dreams’ Sleazily Songs of Seduction. Who needs roses and a box of chocolates when you have over 5 hours of filthy music to lure yourselves into your loved one’s heart? Talk about a hot date!

Starting with The King and ending with The Black Crow King (or the Junkyard King, depending on what era of Nick Cave’s terrifying career you’re talking about), our Songs of Seduction playlist is here to help you find the Valentine’s date of your dreams…your filthy dreams!  With so many songs, the playlist feels a little unhinged and very desperate, just the way we like it.

And sure, you’ll probably notice that the playlist might end a little dark…well, isn’t that just the nature of love, Mary!

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