You Killed Me First: The Only Film Needed To Ruin Your Family’s Thanksgiving

Still from RIchard Kern's "You Killed Me First"

Still from RIchard Kern’s “You Killed Me First”

Why hello there, faithful Filthy Dreams readers. Do you smell something? OH! It’s just a turkey I have in the oven. Sure it’s a few days early but no matter! Why celebrate one Thanksgiving when you can have it all week? We have a lot of thanks to give on this holiest of holidays!

Last year, we spiced up your Thanksgiving holiday with a list of videos and films that would horrify your parents. Well, it seemed to have been a hit since we were still getting hits from Googlers of “thanksgiving sex videos” for months afterward (Thanks to the inclusion of our favorite lounge lizard John Sex’s scandalous last name). Now I don’t know what that is exactly they were looking for but I guess they really wanted to stuff that turkey.

This year, we thought, why not cut to the chase and just feature one video: the only video you’ll need to bring Thanksgiving to a screeching halt. Imagine the scene: Dinner is finished and you gather your family around your favorite computer/TV screen and turn on Cinema of Transgression deviant Richard Kern’s You Killed Me First. 

Examining the nuclear family as the premiere space of horror and violence, You Killed Me First stars a lineup of East Village notables and Filthy Dreams favorites with Lung Leg, who is frequently in Kern’s masochistic masterpieces, outspoken performance artist Karen Finley as the mother and David Wojnarowicz as the terrifying and overbearing father. You Killed Me First mines their collective familial traumas with many of the disturbing scenes coming directly from Wojnarowicz’s experiences as a child, including one particularly memorable scene involving a poor doomed pet bunny.

In the end, Lung Leg takes matters into her own hands at the dinner table. That’ll certainly have the family talking until next Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving from Filthy Dreams!

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