Filthy Dreams’ Carnival Of Sleaze Playlist

Even Pennywise is coming to listen to our Filthy Dreams' Carnival of Sleaze Playlist

Even Pennywise wants to listen to our Filthy Dreams’ Carnival of Sleaze Playlist

Step right up, queens! Step right up and listen to perhaps our most troubling Filthy Dreams playlist yet: our Filthy Dreams’ Carnival of Sleaze Playlist! Feel a little uneasy? Us too. This playlist might mark a turning point in our playlist trajectory, throwing us into full on unhinged mania. But no matter! I mean, who doesn’t love clowns?

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I have always loved Tom Waits’ carnival barker personae. Frankly, we here at Filthy Dreams love it so much we like to mold ourselves in his image–tipsily throwing confetti and tipping our hats with a deranged grin. Taking Tom Waits’ carnival act as our drunken guide, we have interspersed some old favorites such as Nick Cave’s “The Carny” and David Lynch’s “Crazy Clown Time” with the most terrifying circus music we could find.

Word of warning: this playlist is definitely the one you play when you have reached the end of your rope (or if you want to seduce a clown). You know the feeling–you start obsessing over Nietzsche’s eternal recurrence, picturing it as an unending, spinning, carnivalesque carousel.  We’ve all been there, Mary.

So grab some cotton candy and take a spin with us! As Pennywise says, “Don’t you want it!”

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