Filthy Dreams’ Hot Sizzling Summer Sleaze Playlist

Rock Lobster!

Nothing rings in summer like a Rock Lobster!

Wheeeww, Mary! Can you feel that heat? Quick refill my margarita before I pass out!

It’s finally that time of year…Memorial Day has passed and you can feel free to wear white whenever you want. I know what you’re thinking: Blech, who wants to wear white anyway? I’m with you, queens. I stubbornly wear my black leather jacket until I melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. Us hags in black leather jackets know we have to suffer for filth and fashion!

Anyhoo, for those of us who don’t change our wardrobes for the weather, the only way we know to celebrate summer is, naturally, through one of our sleaziest playlists. Clocking in at just over 5 and a half hours, our Hot Sizzling Summer Sleaze Playlist is here for all your summer needs. Starting with the B-52’s seasonal classic “Summer of Love,” our playlist takes you on a wild ride through beaches, summer romances, jungles and perhaps the best, road trips. Doesn’t summer just make you want to hitchhike? It certainly does for John Waters!

If nothing else, summer can sometimes be exhausting. As Hasil Adkins says, “No More Hot Dogs” and The Rolling Stones know when “It’s All Over Now.” That’s why as our playlist eventually begins to reflect our own tired old queen sentiments about the season, we pick up at the end with a drunken singalong from Tom Waits rhapsodizing on his Coney Island baby. Just try stopping yourself from bellowing your best Waits impression after drinking in the sun all day–I know I can’t!

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