Filthy Dreams’ Sleazy Salvation Playlist

Divine and Mink Stole found salvation through filth in 'Multiple Maniacs'

Divine and Mink Stole found salvation through filth in ‘Multiple Maniacs’

Hallelujah, Mary! Why it’s time for a new seasonal playlist–our Mid-Winter Blues have gone away and we’re ready for a little spring salvation just in time for all those religious holidays. While we may be more Beliebers than believers here at Filthy Dreams, we could always use a little redemption, particularly if it comes from sleaze.

Well, blessed be, kweeens! We’re bringing you our Filthy Dreams Sleazy Salvation Playlist so you can tell your relatives, you did go to church this year. Starting with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ cover of “Jesus Met The Woman At The Well,” our playlist clocks in at four hours of frenzied fanaticism.

You may notice, dear listeners, that our playlist begins to fall from grace around The Birthday Party’s “Mutiny In Heaven,” an unsettling conflation of a heroin habit and Lucifer being cast from heaven. But no matter! As Fred Schneider knows, it’s always summer in hell! I’ll bring the margarita mix!

But not to worry, for our playlist eventually moves toward some raunchy redemption with the double gospel whammy of Saint Elvis’ “(There’ll Be) Peace In The Valley” and Saint Nick Cave’s “New Morning,” which I’ve always equated with drunkenly singing at closing time at a dingy dive bar. And, if that’s not salvation, I don’t know what is!

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