Buck Up And Bundle Up, Mary: Prescribing Filthy Dreams’ Dead of Winter Blues Playlist

Jack Torrence understands our dead of winter blues

Jack Torrence understands our dead of winter blues

Wheeeeeeew kweeeens, we don’t know about you but we’ve sure got the blues.  Stuck inside hiding from the freezing cold while it snows and snows or worse, venturing outside to step in a two foot deep puddle of slush. Yeuck! It’s enough to make you go The Shining crazy and get stuck in that hedge maze like poor Jack. Talk about a bad day!

Well, we’re going to try to combat our collective Seasonal Affective Disorder with a playlist that has as much blues as we do. Just what the doctor ordered, here is our Filthy Dreams’ Dead of Winter Blues Playlist. Since we have to hole ourselves up in our respective apartments like agoraphobics (we hope fashionable ones like Little Edie), we might as well party.

Crack open a beer and sing along to our decadent hero Jim Morrison’s Roadhouse Blues and off you go! Why we’ll all be better and happier in no time. I know that when I hear Johnny Cash sing the blues about cocaine and murder to a bunch of convicts, my outlook just gets brighter and brighter.

We concluded our playlist with Elvis’ gospel number “He Touched Me” because who among us doesn’t need a little salvation in this winter hellscape?

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