Filthy Dreams’ Monkeypox Pride Playlist

Happy Pride, Filthy Dreamers! These past few Prides have been a chore, right? We’ve had to wade through the goo-goo muck of internal queerer-than-thou community infighting, anti-corporate Pride, and kink shaming discourses. That’s why we here at Filthy Dreams welcome a return to form with the emergence of monkeypox. A disease that has somehow infected the community plus the reemergence of anti-LGBTQ Christian nationalism? Finally! Grab us some patent leather shoes and point us towards a disco ball, we’re going dancing tonight!

This year, our Pride playlist celebrates all things monkey and pox, from George Michael to King Kong all the way to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. We’re shaking the disease, all right! And in case you’ve forgotten how, Jungle Jezebel will teach you how! And if you’re looking to chase bugs at circuit parties, Azealia Banks has some tips to keep you going all night. Happy Pride!

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