Filthy Dreams’ Monster Land HALLOWREEN Playlist

Upside-down! Godzilla, baby, you turn me inside-out! And, round and round! Happy HALLOWREEN, Filthy Fools! Welcome to another installment of our annual descent into camp Hell: Filthy Dreams’ HALLOWREEN music playlist!

For those of you keeping track, we’re on playlist, umm, number 8? 9? 7? Our playlists began as a riff on Tim Curry’s pronunciation of HALLOWREEN in the classic The Worst Witch film. Since then, each playlist has covered Universal Monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, as well as witches, alien invaders, country songs, and religious cults. This year, Marion became infatuated with monster movies after being involved in a film homage to King Kong, Godzilla, and campy 70s sci-fi, and a new playlist was born. HIT IT!!

This year, we feature the greatest hits from Japanese Godzilla and monster films, along with our special blend of rockabilly, disco, and sleazy monster-themed Halloween songs. Have a sip and do the “Munster Creep”! Or the “King Kong Stomp”! Not in the mood for dancing? Have a seat, then, and drift away to Skull Island through Akira Ifukube’s island chants and drums. Or, swim to the depths of the Pacific in search for the giant lizard himself through Julee Cruise and Nick Cave’s crooning ballads. Whether you’re sitting down, dancing, swimming, or running away screaming for your life, make sure that you take tips from Zacherley and become the “Coolest Little Monster” this year, and every year–because, Filthy Freaks, “Every Day is HALLOWREEN”!


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