Filthy Dreams’ Music Man Trump Playlist

Just when you thought it was safe to go back outside, here we are again, Filthy Fools, with the latest round of our Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS, for those of you who are counting) content! Every time we want to let go, he pulls us right back in–and why not, since we live for Trump camp! In case you haven’t been on Frank Speech, Parler, or OANN lately, there is another new book out on The Former Guy (TFG for those of you who are counting) and co., and oh man, it’s a doozy! From Melania making the Easter Bunny strip to “Princess” Ivanka and “The Slim Reaper” Jared trying to sneak themselves into a meeting with Queen Elizabeth— and, yes, also when Trump defended the size of his toadstool-shaped Goldfinger, this book makes us almost wish that the election was stolen! Out of all of these juicy details, though, what sent us out into the stratosphere, though, was knowing that Trump had a “Music Man” play showtunes, and in particular, “Memories” from Cats whenever he went into a black hole of a rage. Believe us, Filthy Dreamers, we didn’t believe it at first, either! I mean, really. Trump at a Broadway show? Trump sitting down, at a Broadway show, sipping on a Diet Coke and having a moment over “Memories”? The evidence is there, though!

And this:

Consider us sold! So, what is it about “Memories” that made Trump go back to his happy place? What is it, about a memory, that could make Trump smile, at the old days…

All alone in the moonlight!

I can smile at the old days…

I was beautiful then!

I remember…

The time I knew what happiness was!

Let the memory live again!

I know, I know, so touching! We present to you, then, our Filthy Dreams Music Man Trump playlist, full of 70s, 80s, and 90s Broadway nostalgia! Let us take you through the moonlight, where a memory is waiting, even if a new day is dawning, let our songs touch you and remind you of what happiness is!

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