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Cries & Whispers: No Triggering

Hi, Filthy Dreamers.  It’s been a while.

I had a dream.  Actually, it was more like a nightmare.  No, wait…IT’S REALLY HAPPENING.  Seven months of Corona and counting.  Donald Trump is still President.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg is really gone.  Summer?  I think it happened.  Not sure.

And next week’s election is the most anxiety-inducing event since…well, since 2016’s shitshow.  (It’s also going to be the most important election in the history of the United States – so please, please vote.)

Some idiots refuse to wear masks.  We can’t travel.  It’s impossible for a lot of us to see many of our family members.  If we can see our friends at all, it’s probably in a driveway or sidewalk six feet away.

We’re basically living in a Debbie Downer sketch. 

But numbers do look good for Biden.  And if you’re in the alcohol industry, I’m sure you’re making tons of money.  I know I’m doing my part to help you guys out.

Our lives have become much, much smaller.  And if you’re living in a bubble with someone – this ‘toon’s for you.  I wrote it and my husband / super-patient pandemic partner Rusty drew it. 

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