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Filthy Dreams’ Make COVID-19 Great Again HALLOWREEN Playlist

AAH-CHOO!! We here at Filthy Dreams have thrown in the towel. Like you, we are SICK and tired of hunkering in our basements while the world passes us by in a COVID haze. Waiting for a vaccine before dusting off those poppers? No thanks. Keeping your eyes peeled on herd immunity? Yawn! What we want to know is simply this: who’s ready to party! We’re coming out–of hiding! Why should those spring breakers and Trump boaters have all the fun? 

For this year’s HALLOWREEN playlist, Filthy Dreams is making a stand: it’s time to make COVID-19 great again! We queers have danced with death again and again, so let’s take the Village People back with us and say to HELLLLL with the devil! Oh yeah, we’ve seen those MAGA death rallies, and oh yeah, we’ve seen all those over-the-top MAGA/YMCA dancers. Just remember, we were there first! We hosted the original circuit party! We were the original superspreaders! In fact we know all about not wearing protection! Speaking of which, are there any bug chasers out there? It’s time to make COVID-19 great again! COUGH COUGH!!  

So kiddies, pop those pills and hit the dance floor to our endless stream of dance songs until you DIE! Don’t forget our Trump COVID cocktail specials as well! With a lime twist, ghouls!

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