Filthy Dreams’ Mary Me Valentine’s Day Music Playlist

Happy  Valentine’s Day! Feeling the need to drop to a knee at the first person who makes eye contact with you? Feeling into your pockets to ensure that your emergency engagement ring is still there? Tempted to slip a roofie into a punch bowl with fingers crossed? Stealing Valentines from others, only to argue that they were meant for you the whole time?

We here at Filthy Dreams are sick of empty gestures, too! Cheesy Valentine cards, like “Bee Mine”? Cheap flowers? Stomach churning chocolates? Yeucch! Out the back door with all its bubble wrap!

You want a key to our heart? Forget chocolates, send strippers! The cheesier, the better! We here at Filthy Dreams have gone so wild over Sir Ed Malibu’s Instagram page ( that we have used videos such as the ones below as our inspiration for this Valentine’s Day playlist. Sprinkle in some Lana del Ray, Orville Peck, and Andrew Cunanan love songs from American Crime Story: Versace, and all you’ll need are two glasses and a bottle opener.

I know what you’re thinking: with all these videos, the music playlist is besides the point! Believe me, we know because we were so overwhelmed by all of the dancers that we nearly forgot to include the playlist itself! Enjoy!

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