From The Filthy Dreams Archives: Filthy Dreams’s Hot Sizzling Summer Sleaze Playlist

Water…water….water….so much sweat….so much swea….needs air conditioning! Lord almighty, I feel my temperature rising! Whew! What’s that Mary? Oh I’m just trying to survive. No, not just survive the grind of daily existential crises, but survive this heatwave. WHOO! HEATWAVE!

With the temperatures reaching the upper 90s, New York has become a garbage-reeking hot Yoga class you didn’t remember signing up for. And god forbid you have to go on a subway–you’d be better off just descending into hell. Trying to go anywhere, dearest steaming Filthy Dreams readers, has made me worry that I’m finally going to fulfill my destiny, and transform into role model The Wicked Witch of the West. Instead of melting from water, I’ll just drip down into a puddle of sweat. What a world, what a world!

With this kind of scorching, sweltering, sizzling scenario, I’ve been trying to grasp hold of anything and everything that may maintain my sanity. I mean, you can’t even sit in front of a computer for too long. HOT STUFF! And in my not-so-quiet desperation, I unearthed an artifact from the early days of Filthy Dreams: The Filthy Dreams Hot Sizzling Summer Sleaze playlist. Made all the way back in 2014, this playlists heats up, cools down, and does it over and over again in an overheated manic state. Maybe I had heatstroke.

And because I do everything for you, wet hot Filthy Dreams readers, I added a ton of new songs to overstuff this playlist to 7 hours or so. That means you only have to play it through a couple times until the heat breaks. Phew! Remember to drink water–I mean, soda water as a mixer counts, right?


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