Filthy Dreams’ Mommie Dearest Pride Playlist


Mommie Dearest

Is there some special relationship between moms and their sissy boys? What might their relationship look like? Have no fear! We here at Filthy Dreams have done the digging for you–just in the nick of time for Pride! What’s wrong with mother and boy–especially when that boy is gay!

Oh, Mommy! You don’t own know me. Don’t say I can’t play with…other BOYS!

It’s time for MotherBoys to come out of the closets, and for their mothers to march in unison with their PFLAG troupes and with their loud supportive signs! Nothing screams I LOVE MY GAY SON more than a giant sign, after all!

This year, for Pride 2019, we here at Filthy Dreams have spent day and night replying to an endless Filthy fan mail stream from these PFLAG moms. These moms are screaming mad for their own playlist that reflects their devotion to the signs they make for their queer children. We have tried everything: these moms want no part with our special scratch-and-sniff Filthy Dream bumper stickers; neither do they want to invest in our future dive bar: so hetero AND homo normative, they tell us! Fine!! We get the picture!! Tone down the lavender, ladies! It’s music they want; it’s music they get!

Oh, Mama!

Dust off your Oedipal complexes, fellas. Really. Don’t deny it: secretly, we all want to marry our mommies! Who else will stop us from going off the rails! And as for you, moms! Heteronormativity has had its day! Live vicariously through your rainbow-covered kids, (homo)normative or not! Of course, you know that rainbows are so in! You are so in, too! Get a little closer with our arrangement of songs that hit every emotional range of mother and boy! As for you, boys! Stop denying your needs! From boundary testing to disownment to reconciliation, Filthy Dreams has the soundtrack to help you back into mommy’s arms! Or, upon her knee!







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