Filthy Dreams’s 10 Most-Read Essays of 2018

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Well, hello there, dearest Filthy Dreams readers! What a year it’s been! I know, I know–it’s that time of year when every publication rushes to print as many listicles as possible. Why fight it? We want to count things down too! I’m ready to make bold proclamations of this year’s bests!

More of our superlatives and year-end wrap-ups are to come, closer to the New Year since we, unlike those other lazy publications, won’t abandon you for family or friends. But we’re going to start this year-end look-back with some self-aggrandizement. And why not? Every other publication does it and Filthy Dreams has had quite a year. Sure, in late 2016, we won the coveted Creative Capital | Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant, which made 2017 a breeze. But in 2018, Filthy Dreams inspired some curious imitation and, more recently, tweeted physical threats! I can’t think of a better stamp of approval.

So to celebrate Filthy Dreams really coming into its own, we’ve listed our 10 most-read articles published in 2018 (as of today), with corresponding GIFs, of course. This will give you something to peruse while you’re stuck stranded at the airport, trying to get to your holiday destination while surviving solely on Auntie Anne’s pretzels and stale coffee. Or maybe it will act as a welcome reprieve from Aunt Nancy’s rousing rendition of Alex Jones’s conspiracy theories. Either way, pour yourself a cup of nog, suppress your gag reflex and get to reading:

1. The 2018 Carnegie International Is Everything Wrong With Contemporary Art

2. No, Avital Ronell And Her Defenders, Sexual Harassment Is Not Camp: A Filthy Dreams Rant

3. Life As A Punch Line: I, Tonya’s Camp Resurrection Of Tonya Harding

4. Why Is Everyone Sleeping On Adrian Piper’s Teenage Doll Paintings?

5. Institutionalization Keeps Me Awake At Night: David Wojnarowicz, The Whitney and the Violence of the Canon

6. Blackness As The Original Technology: American Artist’s “Black Gooey Universe”

7. Visibility At What Cost: “Trap Door: Trans Cultural Production And The Politics Of Visibility”

8. Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Whore?: Laboring Over Sex In “Putting Out”

9. Who Am I To Hold Your Past Against You?: Jeremy O. Harris’s “Slave Play”

I don’t have an appropriate GIF so here’s a cat watching dialogue

10. You Can’t Make This Shit Up: Our 13 Favorite Moments In ‘Fire And Fury: Inside The Trump White House’


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