Filthy Dreams’ Tired Old Queen Pride Playlist


Oh my God, ANOTHER Pride Parade?! What? Google has a banner up? More Absolut Vodka ads? Every corporation vying to spread the rainbow? Whew, I don’t know about you queens, but we here at Filthy Dreams are hiding behind bushes. We’re tired. *SIGH* How many years have we said that Pride is over? How many variations of a Go-Go Boy Pride Float must we endure? And yet, the young’ins are prancing around like glittery peacocks! We’ve become mainstream. Everyone has accepted us! How much more can we endure!

Thankfully, for the tired set, we have just the playlist for you! Yes, those young gender fluid pansexual non-binary purple/pink/cottoncandy blue hairdying kiddos are stealing our thunder. Filthy Dreams has swallowed our Pride *drum solo* to present to you our own Tired Old Queen Pride Playlist. Don’t bother going outside: they’ve moved beyond you. Stay indoors, pour yourself a glass of memories, and jam away to yesterday, when while the rest of the world hated us, we gave a damn about Cher, about Judy Garland, and about the Material Girl! And Ethel! And Hedwig! And Whitney!

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