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It’s Always Summer In Hell (Or At Frieze New York): A Filthy Dreams GIF Heat Index

Filthy Dreams goes live to Randall’s Island

Whew! I don’t know about you, Filthy Dreams readers, but is it hot today or is it just me? *spontaneously combusts* As temperatures rise to 90 degrees outside, apparently they’re even hotter in that art-filled circus tent on the East River. I mean, the Frieze New York art fair on Randall’s Island!

Now, I avoid art fairs like the plague and didn’t make the mistake…um…decision(!) to attend Frieze this year no matter how many press releases have clogged up my inbox. But, since yesterday, I’ve heard enough reports to know that it’s hotter than two hamsters farting in a wool sock over there!

Someone at Frieze obviously decided to cut a few corners and forego effective air conditioning, turning the high-end art market into less than sophisticated sauna. According to an unnamed dealer in Artnet News, “Probably millions of dollars were lost because Frieze didn’t want to spend an additional few thousand to turn the AC on a few hours earlier.” Feeling lightheaded at just the thought? Me too! And apparently, so did everyone else at the fair. You know those collectors’ suits don’t breathe!

Even though we here at Filthy Dreams don’t want to laugh at anyone’s heatstroke-related pain, we still wanted to bring you all the sweltering news from Frieze in GIF form, while sitting over here all nice and cool with an ice cold drink that didn’t cost $17. So fan yourself with an Artforum and blot your face with a priceless work on paper, as we go “live” to Frieze:

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