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Sam Nunberg Is A Star: A Filthy Dreams Remix


Phew! Well, I don’t know about you, dearest Filthy Dreams readers, but yesterday was quite a day, especially for former Trump campaign advisor Sam Nunberg who shined bright like a diamond all afternoon into evening, performing a jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring flameout on live TV. It was a glorious tour de force, worthy of an Oscar. Too bad he was a day late.

If you don’t remember Sam Nunberg, I wouldn’t blame you–I didn’t either! But, he’s now rocketed to the top of my list of most hilarious Trump associates. To refresh your memory, Nunberg had a falling out with Trump on the campaign trail after it came out he formerly posted some racist comments on Facebook. You would think that would only ingratiate him to the President, but apparently even Trump has some bad PR limits. He’s also notable for being abandoned in a McDonald’s by Trump after his order was taking too long. Hapless.

But yesterday was the day Sam Nunberg became a star. The whirlwind started with….well, it probably started with getting day drunk. But publicly, it began with a phone call into MSNBC’s Katy Tur with Nunberg seeming to seek legal advice, while daring Robert Mueller to arrest him for not answering the grand jury’s subpoena to turn over his emails. Rambling about not wanting to waste 80 hours being questioned, he then disappeared from MSNBC only to speed dial CNN’s Jake Tapper and later, local news station NY1 for some reason to call White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders a “fat slob.” Somewhere in this, he also spoke to The Washington Post, Bloomberg, New York Magazine, Vox and Yahoo News. It seemed like he was just hammered in a bar and going down the list of numbers in his phone. Who hasn’t been there!

*takes breath* And then, he showed up in the studio of both MSNBC and CNN, wild-eyed and hysterical, slurping some cocktail from a coffee mug. He hinted that Trump was doing something shady with the Russians, claimed Carter Page colluded and boasted Sean Hannity and the Fox News minions would be embarrassed when the whole Russian investigation is finished. He also said his lawyers weren’t returning his calls. I’ll bet they weren’t!

Well, what we here at Filthy Dreams want to know is what was in that mug?! I’ll have whatever he’s having! We like to imagine that if we opened Filthy Dreams (the bar), we’d be screening this footage overlaid with disco music and whatever moonshine was in that cup as a drink special. While we don’t have the bar (yet), we were so inspired by Nunberg’s sudden masterful performance that we made a video tribute to Sam Nunberg’s grand performance, featuring one of our favorite soundtracks for nervous breakdowns–Sylvester’s “Stars”:


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