Filthy Dreams’s Valentine’s Day At The Roadhouse Playlist

Special Agent…are you there? Oh! Why hello there, dearest Filthy Dreams lovebirds. We were just praying to our Valentine–Special Agent Dale Cooper. By the way, I love this music. Isn’t it tooooo dreamy? *gets up and sways*

For this V-Day, after our twin Sleazy Songs of Seduction playlists from years past, we’re bringing all you lurid lovers to the Bang Bang Bar with us. That’s right–we’re spending this Valentine’s Day with David Lynch for our Filthy Dreams’s Valentine’s Day At The Roadhouse Playlist.

Laura knows how to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Like the Roadhouse, we like to think our playlist is a mix of nostalgic mid-century romanticism, jarring surrealism and a seething underlying sense of dread, like something awful could happen at any time. In fact, that’s the kind of atmosphere we’ve always tried to cultivate here on Filthy Dreams. It would be wrong of us not to mention that this playlist was heavily inspired by Johnny Jewels’s obsessive Spotify playlists. They just put us in a mood. A mood to dream!

So enjoy this trip down Lynchian lover’s lane! It’s strange though, isn’t it? What love does?

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