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Filthy Dreams’ Ratings Machine Inauguration Playlist


Hello, babies. Welcome to year 2017. Everything is in its right place, and it’s so gerr-rrr-oo-vy. Sigh! Trump won! What do we do?! Join The Thin White Duke? Why bother! Why overcome nihilism? Wait…where have we heard that one before?

Well, there’s really nothing else to do but grab the popcorn! At the precipice of these four years of surrealism–an uncanny merging of reality and fiction, why should we go against our instincts? I mean, our answer to everything has always been to laugh, grab a glass, crank up the disco and spin. Why stop now?

Naturally, we, here at Filthy Dreams, are about to take the money and run…to the wall, of course! Quick! Before Trump eliminates the NEA!

We’ve got to admit, Team Trump is endlessly fascinating. Is Trump the Frankenstein monster of every tacky, trashy thing we’ve favored? Is he the nefarious, nightmarish culmination of our belief in bad taste? Of course, xenophobia, racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, taking away health insurance, dismantling NATO, and stripping our First Amendment Rights aren’t funny per se, but just think of the tweets! And if this really is the end of America, what a fitting finale, the pinnacle of capitalism and media frenzy.

So put on your TV, blast this playlist and let Elvis sing you into patriotic bliss. After his introduction, we hit an event horizon of disco with a sprinkling of apocalyptic Tom Waits in between. Frantic moments of existential dread are going to be pretty common in Trump’s America so we better be prepared.

We, here at Filthy Dreams, are all about ringing in the new year. And Trump as our new illegitimate overlord really is a game-changer, a ratings-machine, and, well, this needs a soundtrack and a whole lot of confetti.

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