Filthy Dreams’ Elevator Music Playlist




Why hello there, dearest of dear Filthy Dreams readers! Because our always faithful co-founder Emily is losing her mind in the middle of an apartment search and move, we are going to forgo our regular art-related post today. Instead, let’s get delve into a musical genre we like to call “gay elevator music” with our first ever Filthy Dreams’ Elevator Music Playlist!

What is gay elevator music? Oh, we thought you’d never ask. Well, you just know it when you hear it. Our conception of gay elevator music first came our obsession with Jimmy Somerville–listen: he’s trying to hard but it just isn’t enough. Gay elevator music has no climax or edge–just cheesy, endlessly superficial schlock. Who would want anything more!

We like to imagine this is the playlist you’d hear while traveling between decks or hanging in the exercise room on an Atlantis gay cruise. At least that’s how we’re fantasizing it! Of course as with anything with Filthy Dreams, it’s a bit of an anachronism. You won’t find any Katy Perry or Rihanna remixes here. So fine, it’s more of the sounds of an elevator on a gay cruise circa 1984.

And just in case you get stuck in the elevator, we’ve extended it to over 9 hours. So put your Speedos on, grab an overpriced pina colada and get to spinning!

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