Filthy Dreams Invites You To: My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days


Why hello there, dearest faithful Filthy Dreams readers! We’d like to officially invite you to our intrepid contributor Osman Can Yerebakan’s exhibition launch at AC Institute this Friday, April 29 from 7-9PM. What exhibition, you say? Oh I’m so glad you asked!

My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days is an online exhibition featuring works by Daniel Temkin, Elizabeth Riley, Faith Holland, Christopher K. Ho, Katie Cercone, Emily Greenberg, Sean Capone, Allison Wade, Jordan Bortner and Jaehyun Kim & Jimin Song. You can view Osman’s exhibition here:

In the late 80s, a genius computer programmer who recently developed a revolutionary computer code learns that his days are numbered due to a terminal illness effecting his memory and speech. During this time he encounters a mysterious nightclub performer whose stage persona heavily relies on her ability to foretell the future. My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days stems from this namesake Andrzej Żuławski film and  adopts the chaotic language used between two lovers whose capacity to communicate rapidly vanishes. Similar to the paradox the protagonist experiences—enduring the loss of his verbal competence as an autonomous being yet standing on the brink of revolutionizing communication technology—the exhibition articulates various aesthetics of the contemporary chaos emerging from the discordance between the corporeal and the automatic. Benefitting from its online presence, the exhibition juxtaposes ways artists portray mayhem and disorder facing rapidly improving computer generated technologies.

However should you decide to leave your worldwide web world on Friday night, please come to the live event Nights Daysfeaturing installations, screenings and performances by several of the artists included in the show as well as a special performance by Michael Clemow.

Nights Days presents sculptural and interactive works by Allison Wade and Emily Greenberg, a reading by Daniel Temkin from his Internet Directory and video works by Jordan BortnerSean CaponeChristopher K. Ho and Elizabeth Riley. Works by Faith HollandKatie CerconeJaehyun Kim and Jimin Song will be projected throughout the evening. Michael Clemow concludes the program with a sound and video performance.


The event will be held on Friday, April 29 from 7-9PM at AC Institute (16 E 48th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10017). If you don’t feel complete unless you click “interested” or “going” on Facebook, please find the Facebook event listing here:

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