*Cough Cough* Filthy Dreams Goes Viral With A Video Mixtape

Filthy Dreams is coming to take over your televisions...or ok, computer screens

Filthy Dreams is coming to take over your televisions…or ok, computer screens

Why hello there, dearest Filthy Dreams readers…and soon to be viewers! Well, are you ready to be glued to the tube? We recently went to an evening entitled Boob Tube Tuesdays at Jerome’s in the Lower East Side. Hosted by nightlife-er’s Earl Dax, Shane O’Neill and Jill Pangallo, as well as DJ-ed by Amber Martin, Boob Tube Tuesday is a monthly event designed to take our eyes off of our computer screens and into a collective viewing experience.

Who wouldn’t rather watch videos in a bar than sitting in your dingy dark apartments downing a bottle of Chardonnay? Ok, that doesn’t sound so bad, but every so often misanthropy gets a little boring, doesn’t it? Each Boob Tube Tuesday, a host commissions a couple different curators to create a 15 minute YouTube-driven set of the videos that inspire them while they are blackout drunk…ok, maybe, that’s just my interpretation.

At Boob Tube Tuesday this week, we immediately knew that we had to put our names on the organizers’ radar to curate future Filthy video extravaganzas. Sure, we might not screen videos of Beyonce (snooze!) or babies scream-laughing (suicidal impulses!) but we’d certainly come up with a mix of videos to shock, appall, tire, exhaust and maybe just amuse some members of the audience. Of course, our aesthetic is uncompromising and certainly a little unpalatable–we know that! But camp isn’t always pretty or easy to swallow.

While we could have waited until our mutual friends intimidated the organizers enough to let us do a set for future Boob Tube Tuesdays, instead we decided to create our own 15-minute Boob Tube monstrosity for your viewing pleasure. A bit premature perhaps, but drunken over-enthusiasm is, of course, our style. To prepare you, our mix of videos faithfully depicts what it is like in our heads, beginning with Lydia Lunch, ending with His Majesty, The King, Elvis and going any and everywhere in between. Sure there are many more clips we could have used but, why not leave room for a sequel?


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