5 Films/Videos To Spook Your Trick Or Treaters This Halloween

The Frankies know how to do the Transylvania Twist!

The Frankies know how to do the Transylvania Twist!

AAH! Why hello there! What a scary costume you have on! What? You aren’t wearing one? Well, don’t blame me, Mary, for assuming since it is Halloween! Come on in and try some of our World Famous Bourbon Pumpkin Punch! We’ve changed the recipe around a little and yet, we promise it still gets better the more you drink.

Here at Filthy Dreams, Halloween is one of our most sacred holidays–a day where camp and kitsch is not only accepted but celebrated. We wait all year salivating over Spirit Halloween’s animatronic werewolves and ghastly grandmas to the dreaded anticipation of our friends and relatives who have to endure us refusing to break character on this greatest of days.

What’s that? You’re having a party too?! Well, don’t fear, ghouls and goblins, we’ve got a list of spooky videos and films to show this Halloween. Sure some of your Halloween guests and Trick or Treaters may be startled by some of the videos but no matter, just give them a nip our World Famous Pumpkin Punch and they’ll be doing the Transylvania Twist in no time!

1. Tim Curry in The Worst Witch

No Halloween list of videos could start with anything else but the Queen of Halloween! Just look at his landing! I don’t care how many times I’ve posted this before–Tim Curry’s scary, hairy, creepy, crawly (and let’s be honest, very cheesy) croon in The Worst Witch just gets me in the mood to party. Has anybody seen my tambourine?

2. John Waters’ Multiple Maniacs

What is more bone-chilling, teeth-rattling, spine-tingling than maniacs? Or Divine? Naturally John Waters’ early film Multiple Maniacs is a must-watch for those demented psychos out there. Beginning at Divines’ show The Cavalcade of Perversions, Multiple Maniacs features maybe my favorite sacrilegious scene involving Mink Stole as “The Religious Whore,” Divine and The Stations of the Cross. It almost makes me want to speak in tongues! Hallelujah! And as for the finale, well, you, dear Filthy Dreams viewer, will have to see for yourselves but you’ll probably never look at a lobster the same again.

3. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Stagger Lee

Just the first few notes of Stagger Lee are enough to send me into a terrified tizzy. I mean, he’s a bad motherfucker, don’t you know! As if the song weren’t scary enough, I witnessed Nick belt out the song in yuppie haven Prospect Park this summer very close to many cavorting children. I can just imagine the questions now: “What should I suck, Daddy?” “Mommy, why does he hate those 50 cats so much?” Just put this on at your Halloween ho-down and start grooving like Nick (hint: lots of finger jabbing, crotch grinding and kicking).

4. Dennis Cooper reading ‘Dear Tom’

Is any writer scarier than Dennis Cooper? I can’t think of any. With novels and poems full of sex, murder, sexual murder, twinks, twinks being murdered and Guided By Voices, Dennis Cooper has always been a filth elder for us at Filthy Dreams. So play Dennis reading his unsettling poem “Dear Tom” for your Halloween guests tonight. Sure, they might scatter for the exits but let them. All you need is Dennis’ creepily poetic words to send you into a Bataille-esque revelry of eroticism, death and abjection.

5. Silent Night, Deadly Night

As much as I love Halloween, I can hear the jing-jing-jingling of sleigh bells as soon as October 31 hits. PANIC! The Christmas season is almost here and my palms are itching with seasonal Santa mania. Well, looks like I’m not the only one. Get into the Christmas spirit with my favorite Chris Kringle killer and watch the camp classic Silent Night, Deadly Night. 

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