Welcome to Filthy Dreams


Well hello there! Welcome to Filthy Dreams, a website analyzing art, culture and politics with a touch of camp. Rather than jumping right into new content, we thought it best to introduce ourselves and our aesthetics with our Trash Manifesto, which we wrote while still conceiving of Filthy Dreams as a decadent confetti-drenched nightclub.

The Trash Manifesto:

Why overcome nihilism? We have reached the end of the road. All that has been done has been done before and before and all will continue to recur like a nightclub act that happens on the hour, every hour. Camp has swallowed us whole. Fine gems continue to shine but our clothes grow tattered and worn. The world continues to spin on its axis and while many try to escape, those of us in the know stand back and applaud as the act appears again and again every hour on the hour, with its hamhock humor and contrived stage direction, with endless confetti, and wait for the next hour to come. Now doesn’t that sound like time well-spent?

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