Filthy Dreams’ HALLOWREEN XI: Possession Playhouse Music Playlist

Tell ’em LARGE MARGE sent ya!!

Boo! Welcome, ghouls, to the 11th edition of our annual HALLOWREEN music playlist. That’s right–we’re entering into our second decade of doing the Frankenstein Two-Stomp and the Weird Watusi. A bit older, a bit more haggard, a bit more…MAD! How have we lasted this far while continuing on with our own version of queer world-making? Consider this quote from our resident mad-cap philosopher queen, E.M. Cioran:

“I would like to go mad on one condition, namely, that I would become a happy madman, lively and always in a good mood, without any troubles and obsessions, laughing senselessly from morning to night” (“The Premonition of Madness,” from On the Heights of Despair).

Our ol’ pal is right. Sure, the world spins, but lately it seems that it’s been grinding off its axis faster and faster. People are strange! It’s enough to make you throw your hands up and declare, “have mercy”! Combine that with this year’s loss of our beloved queer elder, Paul Reubens, we grabbed our Ouija boards, knocked down the doors to the Playhouse, and conjured Pee-Wee possession. Possession to madness to clear blue skies, check! Every room in this Playhouse has a key to life–with a disco ball spinning, of course!

So, Filthy Ghouls, come to the light! Enter our Playhouse and suck cocks in Hell forever!

Go into the light, gurrl!!


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