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August 11, 2026

For Immediate Release

As the Writers Guild of America / SAG-AFTRA strike enters its fourth year (despite last year’s passage of the 28th Amendment banning AI-generated entertainment), the recently launched streaming service NoStarz is thrilled to announce the rollout of seven new shows.

NoStarz original series and films offer content-starved viewers…well, they offer them things to watch.

And the critics agree. “These are actually airing,” raves Variety’s Owen Glieberman, while David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter says, “I guess this is television now.” And it is!

The Big Skort

If you liked Ryan Gosling’s vehicle about the 2008 financial crisis, then you’ll love this film’s alternate take on that difficult time. The Big Skort sees three previous cast members of The Bachelorette through the trials and tribulations of fluctuating weight due to stress-eating caused by their crashing stocks. As the women go from Size 2 to Size 8, you’ll join them on their quest for clothes that look slimming for their Good Morning America interviews.

30 Rocks

While some have criticized certain titles of NoStarz originals as “misleading” or “confusing to the inebriated,” we prefer to think of them as opportunities to catch programming you may not be otherwise attracted to. No, 30 Rocks does not feature the razor-sharp wit of Tina Fey, but it is written by that girl your daughter recognizes from makeup reviews on TikTok. It’s about a rock collector. Each of the 30 episodes focuses on a different rock. “My jokes are rock-solid!” promises the creator.

On The Late Show with David Letterman (featuring Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Steve Martin)

You might think it’d be difficult to license clips from CBS’s iconic talk show. And you’d be right. But we’ve got something even better. We tracked down Late Show audience members who were present for some of his most-watched interviews. They offer their unique insights into what it was like to be part of the magic. “Julia was so pretty!” “That George Clooney can eat crackers in my bed any time!” “Steve is a hoot!” These are but a few examples of the firsthand observations you’ll hear during the three-hour special.

And Paul Shaffer fans, rejoice. The final hour is dedicated almost exclusively to the cast describing the experience of being treated to Shaffer’s covers of “Time Won’t Let Me,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” and dozens of other toe-tapping rock classics. The Guardian calls On The Late Show “unintentionally funny.”

May / December EDM

A twentysomething Tiësto fan and a feisty retiree meet cute in this no-budget film shot on the streets of Cleveland and inside the drugstore owned by the director’s mom. The young woman teaches her new paramour about rave culture and hijinks ensue. “EDM?  Kiddo, I thought that stood for erectile dysfunction medicine!” That’s a line one Tomatometer-approved critic called “one of the better moments.” She then went on to add, “I realize Unsane was shot on an iPhone. But then again, so was this. I just don’t know anymore.”

Back Into the Future

A man heads into his future every day. He gets up, showers, has breakfast, and goes off to his job. Then he comes home, eats dinner, and tries to find something to watch on TV. It’s the same routine every day, five days a week, without fail. He does this for twenty episodes. You don’t get to see what he does on weekends.

My Funny Foreign Friend 

Sophie is a spunky young Parisienne who’s been hired for her first big job – requiring her to move to New York City and leave the life she knows behind. If you think it sounds like Emily in Paris in reverse, good for you for picking up on that! Sophie quickly wins over her jaded co-workers, charming them with her wonky English.  Whether it’s her home life (“My roommate never knocks!  She does not respect my privates!”), adapting to the buzzing city (“I can’t sleep!  I am too exciting!”), or lunching with the office gang (“This food needs more seasons!”), Sophie’s delightful malapropisms are sure to put a grin on your visage! Said one prominent food blogger, “If I see them filming at my favorite café, I will have a meltdown. It’s already too popular.”

Dead Presidents

In this politically-charged reality show, a psychic from Staten Island communicates with former heads of state, each of them offering his take on the current political landscape. You’ll hear from the likes of Franklin Roosevelt (“What the hell happened?”), Dwight Eisenhower (“Yes, I was a Republican, but I do not recognize what that word means now.”), Richard Nixon (“It’s wonderful to see.”) and more. Rachel Maddow says of Dead Presidents, “I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I so wanted to.”

We hope our shows bring you many hours of viewing pleasure. Or at least viewing. And as we say at NoStarz, “Union Schmunion!”

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Illustration by Andy’s husband, Rusty.

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