Filthy Dreams’ Eggcelent Easter Music Playlist

Bunny bunny bunny
You’re so funny with your twitching nose!
Bunny bunny bunny
You’re so funny from your head to your toes.
Bunny bunny bunny
Your ears are funny they’re too big for you!
Bunny bunny bunny
Though you’re funny everyone loves you.
Happy Easter morning! He is risen–and has appeared to us adorned with baskets full of Cadbury creme eggs and marshmallow Peeps! Chocolate crosses! Peanut butters! Taffy! Jelly beans! Bunny corn! And as he presented basket after basket to each and every wild-eyed onlooker, a tongue of fire from heaven appeared above. And thus, everyone spoke in tongues: free the joy! Licky, sticky, happy! Get your goo on!
And after the last basket was delivered, he wiped his face with a shroud, and it tasted of caramel. Praise his name!
‘Tis a season of worship, Filthy fans! We present to you yet another installment of our Easter music playlists. This year, as you shove parents and children out of your way toward finding those ever-elusive Easter eggs, don’t second guess yourself as you begin speaking in tongues while hearing Jayne Mansfield reading poetry from above. Or while placing that Muzak track to its original song. Or while hopping along to vintage Easter songs. Don’t you wish you were a whisker on the Easter Bunny’s chin? We certainly do! Celebrate your Easter with our egg-centric blend of bunny worship!

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