Filthy Dreams’ Gobbledygooker Thanksgiving Playlist (EXTENDED EDITION)

Hey, ho! What’s that smell? Could it be the smell turkey basting in the oven? Sage burning out all the jilted memories of Thanksgiving yesteryear–why won’t they invite me back over again?? A sign of an impending Thanksgiving-inspired stroke? Burnt toast, or burnt dinner rolls? You be the judge! We here at Filthy Dreams have been up to our gizzards with Thanksgiving mania, thanks to a revisit to our first–and possibly only–Thanksgiving music playlist. That’s right, our Gobbledygooker Thanksgiving playlist where track after track of turkey calls and mashed potato dances drove us over the edge, made us spill our turkey brine, and inspired us to stuff our turkey with brave new choices.

While this playlist could have been perfect as-is, who would dare stop anyone from getting seconds on Thanksgiving! You wouldn’t like us while we’re HANGRY! So, instead of starting from scratch, this year we were suddenly compelled to add more, more songs about potatoes, more songs about sauces, more songs about turkeys, more, more more!! Divine intervention? It may be that turkeys were not the only ones pardoned this year.

So, while you’re busy prepping for Thanksgiving din-din, pop on Susie Christie’s “I Love Onions” and relish those tears; or skip cooking and go straight for the booze while dancing along to Lil’ Bob & The Lollipops’ “I Got Loaded.” Still not sure what to serve? First of all, shame on you. You have hours, not days left. Second, give this playlist a whirl and entertain your options. Sweet potato pie? Potato Chips? Cheesecake? Giblet Gravy. Options are a-plenty!


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