Filthy Dreams’ Thin Pink Line Pride Playlist

Happy Pride 2021! It’s finally safe to come out from hiding, fools! Rip off your masks, breathe the freedom in the air, and wave your Pride flags, be they Rainbow, Transgender, Progress, Bisexual, Pansexual, Asexual, Demisexual, Intersex, Bear, Rubber, Furry, or Non-Binary (we didn’t forget you, kiddos)! What about a flag for our community law enforcement members, though–and for those who are into a certain type of police kink? What’s that? They’re both canceled? No puppy play for Officer Rico? No police batons for folks to pass around before entering the backroom at The Eagle? With all this talk over protecting children and consent at pride, who’s going to be there to wave the big stick at the offenders!

Cops get such a bad rap, even if it’s mostly on them. What we here at Filthy Dreams want to know, though, is where do cops go when they can’t go to Pride? Hot cops need love, too! Have no fear, though, Filthy Dreams is here! That’s right! Every year, we center our Pride playlists on different themes. Elevator music Pride? Check. Tired old queen Pride? Check. Pride music that makes you feel homophobic? Check! This year, we are giving cops the music they need as they dance away their shame in their smoke filled basements. We’ve got it all: disco, Eurodisco, Italian disco, NiN, Sister Sledge, and Sylvester! The BPM is set to stun to get your hearts pumping and those handcuffs twirling!

And as you boys, girls, and those in between in blue (and pink) loosen those collars and hide those name badges, as you shift between resisting arrest and surrendering all night, just know that while this year, you can’t be at Pride, maybe another year, after the inevitable collapse of civilization, once Twitter has finally imploded, and once the policing system gets its shit together, Pride will finally welcome you back into its fold, and your badges too can be sponsored by Selson Blue!

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