Filthy Dreams’ Lady G Pride Playlist

Rumor has it! Over the past few weeks, word began to spread about Lindsey Graham’s predilection toward rent boys—and ladybugs! Of course, minus the quite shocking ladybug reveal, we here at Filthy Dreams were hardly surprised. In fact, we were tickled pink about the stories to come, once gay Twitter collects enough money to contest those tricky NDAs! Lindsey, or Lady G as he is called on Capitol Hill, is a particular obsession of ours. From his fancy hair and foundation to his flashy ties and demeanor, we have long associated Lady G with Miss Piggy.

I feel pretty!

Now that she is about to march with the pigs down the runway, we have decided to devote our annual Pride music playlist to Lady G. All these years on Capitol Hill, how did she become a Lady? Working all day to pass anti-LGBTQ legislation while sweating all night under disco lights on the dance floor? Scrolling through lists of local rent boys while sipping her gin and tonics—with a straw? Trying on that red MAGA hat from all angles just to get that light right? Haven’t we all been there!

Oh, mother, look what they’ve done to me!

Filthy Dreams’ Pride Playlist explores the life of Lady G from every angle. It’s tough to be a closeted anti-gay politician! This year’s playlist addresses this difficult interiority through endless cycles of desire, affirmation, shame, and desperation, with just a touch of masochism too to match those lovely ladybugs! Is it wrong to feel Pride toward such a closeted bigot? Not if her name is Lady G! He’s the greatest dancer!

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